We help our clients to be more effective and profitable with the help of smart technology 

Automation Services

We free up time and increase capacity for our clients – time and capacity that can spent on the important things like increasing service quality for their customers. We do this through streamlining and automating processes using RPA (Robotic Process Automation) software. The digital workers that we create for you will enable you to do more as an organisation.

Get in touch discuss how you can get started with your digital workforce.


Procurement Consulting

Whether you need to improve the way you do procurement, you need short term procurement savings identified and delivered or you just need someone to run a tender for you we can help.

We also provide advice and practical solutions to develop, track and achieve meaningful sustainability targets.


Business Intelligence

Organisations often don’t make use of all of the data available to them. At Aquiliti we recognise that well-structured business intelligence can be a competitive advantage.

With the support of best-in-class BI tools, our expertise in procurement and sustainability, and strong analytical background we can interpret data, develop automated reporting and deliver insights to ultimately help teams to make better decisions more often.