We support clients to understand what’s possible with automation

Then we simplify their business processes and automate them by using RPA software

This is their digital workforce

Automation Advisory

Strategy development

Business case support

Tool selection

Automation Development

RPA Implementation

Analytics Automation

We work with clients to help them understand what RPA is and which types of processes are best suited for automation. We then help to prioritise processes to be automated in the form of an automation roadmap.

We support clients to build the business case for automation and to implement the proof-of-concept automation. A successful proof-of-concept automation provides validation for the business case and is an important tool in marketing the concept of automation within your organisation.

Implementation of RPA for each process involves:

  1. Understanding the current manual process and stakeholders involved
  2. Working with stakeholders to improve the current process before automating
  3. Installing the robot software on the client’s machine (not for every process as one robot can run multiple automations)
  4. Writing the code for the robot software to run the process
  5. Testing and refining the code before setting the robot running
  6. Facilitating communication of the changes in the process to wider stakeholder group
  7. Maintaining the robot

Some examples of RPA solutions that we can develop with you:


  • Internal audit reporting in real time – monitoring of your various systems for the typical signs of fraud and reporting suspicious patterns when they happen instead of the traditional retrospective reporting that companies do periodically.
  • Invoice process automation – from receipt to payment including validation


  • Data cleansing / validation / reconciliation
  • Company research

Meet Fred

Here’s a robot that we’ve designed for our clients. He plans to detect fraud on the day that it happens rather than in the traditional retrospective annual audits.



Meet Adam

This video is of a robot that we built for a client. He plans to save them a day a week and do the boring work for them.

Automation replaces the mundane. Combined with clever Business Intelligence, Process Automation can bring new levels of insights to your company.

Chat to us about how Process Automation and AI can empower possible.