At Aquiliti we know Procurement can be an enabler to deliver great outcomes for an organisation. By focussing on where Procurement can have the greatest impact, Procurement can become a strategic tool and differentiator.

We have supported many organisations with enabling their procurement function to become more strategic. These areas of support include:

  • Procurement Organisational design – what is the right model for your organisation?
  • Transformation – transforming your procurement function from transactional to strategic
  • Supplier Relationships – are you getting the most out of your critical suppliers?
  • Outcomes based procurement – are you applying a strategic approach to engaging the market?


At Aquiliti we believe People are the most important asset of an organisation. Aquiliti can help you understand your procurement capability and empower your team to deliver your goals. Aquiliti can support you through:

  • Assessing your procurement capability – what level of capability do you currently have and what do you need to improve to deliver your goals
  • E-Learning – we can develop an e-learning suite to give everyone with procurement responsibilities an opportunity to learn good procurement practices. This is great for organisations where there are large numbers of people involved in delivering procurement activities
  • Training – we can deliver classroom based training or one-to-one coaching for your procurement team across all areas of procurement. Our interactive training focus on delivering skills that are tailored to your organisation’s needs.


At Aquiliti we understand knowledge empowers us to deliver great outcomes. We have developed tools and techniques that provide all levels with strategic insights that will help deliver your goals. Some example tools include:

  • Assist – an on-line library of procurement tools and processes
  • Dashboards – automated dashboards that provide impactful insights into your data
  • Category Plan Infographics – strategic summaries of your category ideal for reporting to senior management


Sustainable Procurement

Procurement professionals are part of a changing world where environmental and social concerns are now firmly on the business agenda.

  • Our role: helping you stay ahead of the regulation curve, meet internal and external customer expectations and protect your brand.
  • What we believe: sustainability is a great opportunity for procurement to grow its influence within organisations.
  • Our passion: helping you deliver more value for money, use innovation and provide creative leadership in this increasingly important arena.

Key offerings:

Many adverse sustainability impacts occur in upstream supply chains, over which organisations are expected to have oversight and influence. The new Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Agreement on climate change or the recently published ISO 20400 on sustainable procurement also create a new impetus to act. With our partners, experts in sustainable procurement, we are uniquely positioned to assist organisations to respond, with a focus on cost reduction, risk mitigation and shared value.

Service offerings include:

  • ISO 20400 gap analysis, policy, strategy and implementation support
  • Expenditure and supply chain sustainability impact assessment and mitigation
  • Social procurement – diversity, inclusion, Indigenous and social enterprises
  • Local content and workforce development
  • Training and change management

With our partners, Action Sustainability, we offer a range of services, including the management of environmental, social and economic issues in procurement and supply chains.

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